Version 7 of the MeCFES.

Single EMG Single Stimulation Myoelectrically controlled functional electrical stimulator

See the outline here

Schematics and PCB layout files were created using Eagle Software (a free version is available at

The system consists of

BB7 – A bottom board with pushbuttons, post amplifiers and power supply
DSP7 – The main ‘motherboard’ with DSP, AD/DA converters and driver circuits. This is on top of the BB7. The core processor is ADSP2183 (ndr. Launched 20 years ago its obsolete though still in production)

VCCS – The switch mode power supply (SMPS) generating ±100V, Voltage Controlled Current Source (VCCS) converting low voltage control signal to ‘floating’ stimulation pulses, a charge circuit charging the VCCS from the SMPS, The BJT based MUX (Note1).
Preamp2008 – A x10 preamplifier mounted on a 5 lead cable in one end and connecters to 3 electrodes (2 differential and ground) in the other end.

The box external image R583195-24.jpgOKW A9406334+A9107111

Emg and stimulator cables, connectors (ask for documentation).

In 2010 this system was revised into a four channel system for the project RiSES. See MeCFES8V1

Last revised: 15 june 2016