Electrode Placements

Created Tuesday 25 February 2014

Enhancement of wrist extension

The stimulation site is found by trial and error where the best compromise between a strong wrist extension and a minimal finger extension. The distance between the electrodes have been varying from 5 to 10 cm. The exact placing is individual and varies from person to person and must be found by trial and error. Precise positioning of stimulation electrodes is very important if a pure wrist extension is desired. Electrode displacement of more than a few millimeters can cause undesired stimulation of finger extensors (Litt)

Hand stimulation


The stimulation can also be applied via 3 cm outer diameter adhesive electrodes placed over
the first dorsal interosseous muscle and over the pisiformus bone (Fig. 1). For some people this method of stimulation gives a strong flexion of the thumb and slight flexion of the fingers (ref).

Stimulation of the wrist and finger extension in stroke patients


Stimulation electrodes for simultaneous wrist and finger extension may be placed far apart (figure) or closely spaced over the muscle bulk of the long muscles of the forearm.