Final Project

This final concept of the project was made as a result of past experimentations and it is characterized by two pinchers which have the shape of an Omega(realized specifically for the pantient)and are connected to a plastic surface which has the function of sustaining the application bands of the various electrodes.Right above these Omega pinchers we can find the supports for the second band(which concern the second electrode).

To make the project wearable a sistem was thought in order to let even a quadriplegic patient wear it by himself alone.To wear the device you have to push the arm inside the opening of the device,if you want to positionate it better,you have to push and pull the device helping yourself by using the omega pinchers.

-it's a simple method and it is compatible with different injuries and impairments.

-Wearing it requires several attempts and expertise.

In order to make it wearable under the clothing it is recommended to cover the device with a shirt since other induments may move the prosthesis out of position.

(1) (2)

(1)Inserting the median measurements
(2)Inserting the wrist measurements
(3)Inserting the median-wrist measurements

In order to realize this model it is necessary to insert the various measurements taken from the patient and insert them in an existing project which in term is a "ready-to-modify" file.
From this file we can have a general model based on the different measurements taken before plus an offset of 1mm(to make the device more comfortable it is possible to make it a 2mm offset,but there is the risk that the structure won't stay in the right position).
Other measurements must be inserted in another file which will create another model which will make the sustain bands for the electrodes.

Schermata 2015-05-19 alle 15.09.30.png

(4) Various examples of papermodels for the elastic bands

To these elastic bands will be sewn some buttons for the anchoring procedure,while for the band which supports the emg will need its own printed media.

This project was developed in collaboration with

Davide Pecchini

Giuseppe Currò