Version 6 of a dynamic electrode applicator

These files are developed with solvespace 2.1eMVe8-RT1.1.
The standard version can be found and downloaded here:

The concept is a simple dynamic structure

composed of a proximal part, distalpart which are connected by 4 bars
Solvespace Files

The files are uploaded here

In the file Anatomy_measures file you insert the
  • Wrist Circumference, Width and Thickness
  • Procimal part circumference
  • Desired distance between proximal and distal part

This file is included in other files for printing the specific parts
they need to be in a subfolder like: ElAp6\DP if say Anatomy_measures is in the ElAp6 folder

DP.slvs is for printing the distal part
PP.slvs for proximal part
BAR.slvs for the bars