Graphene Filament

This filament is conductive. It may be useful for encapsulating the electronic part, making stronger parts of the ElAp and even incorporate sensors.

We tried the conductive Graphene Filament from BlackMagic3D on our Ormerod RepRapPro printer. Sadly we experienced clogging of the printerhead. After some investigations we found that the 1.75 filament (GRPHN-175) had a very uneven diameter going up to 1.95. The filament kept getting stuck at the inlet of the hotend and each time a total dismantling of the printerhead was necessary. Though it's "designed to allow you to 3D print electrically conductive components using almost any commercially available desktop 3D printer", it does not seem to be fit for Ormerod. Further trials on a different batch shipped courteously by the company showed similar problems. Therefore experimenting with this filament is put on hold. So far it should be expected to be of uneven diameter exceeding the 1.85mm.

Note on sensors:A hypothesis is that conductive parts could act like flexion sensors to provide feedback of for example wrist movements to the controller unit.